My name is Maire. I died of cardiac sarcoma cancer. This boat has my ashes in it and I’m making my way to the ocean. If you find me, please set me back on my path. I will bless you from Heaven. If I have reached the ocean, please let my brothers and sisters know. You can reach them on my Facebook page “Maire’s Journey.”

During the summer of 2014, Maire and her boat went on a 14,000 mile journey from the Great Lakes of northern Michigan to the eastern seaboard.

-- Who has helped her along the way?
-- What had inspired those who did?
-- Did anyone care?

We will watch her story unfold on the big screen as part of a feature documentary by Emmy winning producers/directors Keith Famie and John Feist.

We all dream of sailing off into the sunset; Maire has done just that. Where her journey took her and the lives she touched along the way will teach us all a great lesson about living and dying.